Before the Appointment



Bookings are not essential for OPG scans. The locations of our OPG and dental imaging services are listed on your Capital Radiology referral or you can click Locations to find the Capital Radiology site most convenient for you. Capital Radiology accepts all radiology provider referrals. So even if you have another form we will happily perform your test.

There is no preparation needed and there are no after effects. You may be asked to remove any jewellery or metallic items from your body as they may interfere with the x-ray image.

What is an OPG?

A dental x-ray or OPG (orthopantomogram), is a special type of x-ray that looks at the lower face and displays both the upper and lower teeth in a long flat line.

It demonstrates the number, position and growth of all your teeth including those that have not yet surfaced.